Balance Training

  1. Have you had a fall in or out of the home in the past year?
  2. Do you use a cane or a walker because of unsteadiness?
  3. Are you unsteady when walking up and down stairs, especially without a railing?
If any of the above statements describe you, you are not alone.  Recent data on falls has shown that:
  • 25% of Americans aged 65+ fall each year
  • Every 11 seconds, an aging adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall
  • Every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall

The alarming statistics show that fall prevention is extremely important for healthy aging, and is vital to prevent the pain and suffering that occurs after a fall and/or hospitalization.  Even if you have not had a life-threatening fall, chances are you may have limited your activities or social engagements because of a lack of confidence in your physical strength.

Social isolation and depression from missing time with your family members should never be a result that you are comfortable with.  Many adults just accept weakness and decreased balance as a normal part of aging, but that is not a fate you have to accept.  At Optimal Recovery & Therapy, we challenge you to participate in our balance training to reduce your fall risk and keep your social life stronger than ever.

Benefits of Balance Training:
  • Reduce fall risk along with the risk of dealth from a potential fall
  • Build physical strength and reduce pain levels
  • Improve overall flexibility throughout the body
  • Receive an individual exercise plan to perform between sessions
  • Avoid restricting your social life because of physical weakness
  • Recovery faster from injuries and reduce chance of reinjuring yourself
  • Receive sessions at home, at your gym, or outside at your local park as weather permits!
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