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"I have always played sports, mostly pickup basketball and because of that I've experienced my share of injuries. Most notably I have sprained both ankles several times over the years. When I was younger it was much easier to bounce back from these injuries but now that I am in my 30s that's no longer the case. After my most recent sprain I found that I was still experiencing pain after several months, so I visited my doctor and was diagnosed with chronic ankle instability. I finally decided to properly rehab my injury with the help of a professional. Melissa my PT made my recovery simple. Not only did she meet me at my home for my initial evaluation, but she also set up an online interface for me to view my care/exercise plan. Now after about 6 weeks I can play basketball again and I dont feel limited by my ankle pain. I am extremely happy with the results. I would recommend Optimal Recovery & Therapy to anyone who is experiencing pain or limitations due to an injury."
Feb 29, 2020

Melissa made me feel very comfortable during my recovery. She explained everything so clearly and her medical knowledge was impressive. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an at home physical therapist!

Oct 2, 2019
Chris S.